About Us

Anza Investigations LLC continues to shine the light on proper investigations handling in the workers’ compensation arena with specialized expertise in Corporate Security and Risk Threat Analysis.

Although the focus of our company has historically been conducting workers’ compensation investigations, we have also evolved to encompass other areas of expertise.  Anza Investigations LLC has an established, professional team with over 100 years of combined experience in worker’ compensation investigations, general investigations and high risk security consulting.

Our network of highly skilled and licensed Private Investigators and former military experts allows for a vast array of expertise in these different areas.

Our continued commitment to our clients of communication (truly understand what is being asked) and a thorough case handling process produces exceptional results and reports.

  • We offer training courses (in-house or online) for those who work in the workers’ compensation field.  Anza Investigations LLC has the ability to train adjusters and managers to gain their CEU’s and provide a sounding board for ideas.

Anza Investigations LLC is able to assist in mitigating the claim costs by having prompt and easy access to our staff and investigators in the field.  Our clients appreciate the fact that we offer a solution to their needs of a timely investigation, watching costs and delivering exceptional reports.  The goal is to have all parties working together in moving the claim towards resolution. We work with your client (when able) for the expediency required in many aspects of investigations such as an AOE/COE.

Claims administrators and their clients want we offer – direct and immediate contact with our staff and investigators in the field along with a timely and comprehensive work product.  We provide a way to investigate your claims without all the hype and sizzle that overshadows the outcome of lack-luster results.

It is a true testament to our results that have been bringing increased word-of-mouth referral business our way.  We are grateful to our clients for this tremendous honor. We are extremely appreciative of the continued support of our clients over the years and the trust and positive reviews from our new clients.  Their belief in the need for a boutique investigative firm and experience in our investigative process has allowed us to succeed.  We look forward to serving your investigative needs – Experience the Difference!

About the CEO and Founder-

With 26 years involved in the investigations field of Workers’ Compensation/Fraud Investigations, Health Care and the Security/Protection Industry, Anza Investigations LLC, CEO and Founder Merrilee Riley’s industry network presents a unique circumstance that has facilitated excellence when taking care of the client’s business needs as well as bringing together exceptional talent. She has had the opportunity to experience and share an understanding of the complicated and ever changing industry to meet the needs of her clients. She has been recognized for her professionalism, dedication and an unsurpassed work ethic. Merrilee also enjoys being a Mentor by helping others to succeed in their goals and business opportunities.

As a licensed Private Investigator in the States of California and Arizona as well as a standing member of several industry associations, her business experience also includes executive level management, company oversight, marketing, business consulting and finance. Through vendor management, Merrilee has been able to partner with exceptional investigative teams throughout the United States by holding the bar high through the vetting process.

There is no greater compliment than a referral from clients who value the Anza Investigations LLC work product. Merrilee and her staff appreciate the continued support of adjusters, risk managers, client liaison and attorneys, sharing their success with Anza Investigations LLC to their clients, associates and colleagues.

Merrilee can be reached through Linkedin or email: Merrilee.riley@anza-investigations.com