In our quest to expand our investigative and security services, Merrilee Riley (CEO-Anza Investigations LLC) is proud to announce a definitive merger with Spectrum Investigative & Security Services, LLC. Merrilee is extremely pleased to introduce Tim Ramos, CEO of Spectrum, who will assist in the merging of our companies as it will now be included under the umbrella of Spectrum Investigative & Security Services, LLC.

Tim is a retired police Sergeant with many years of experience of criminal investigations, SWAT team leader/tactics and trained with both State and Federal agencies which included DEA, FBI, ATF and Border Patrol training programs.  Tim was also the DARE Officer in Charge/Director within the local school district. Some of the programs that Tim developed included training in active shooter scenarios, threat assessment training and work place violence.  Tim is also well versed in Worker’s Compensation Investigations including surveillance and AOE/COE.

Robert Beltran – COO, possesses over 30 years in workers’ compensation investigations which includes surveillance, AOE/COE’s and Subrogation. Roberts experience also includes liability, civil and criminal investigations. Spectrum features the added benefit of bi-lingual (Spanish) speaking investigators.

Tim’s wife, Shawna, is also retired from law enforcement and will oversee the office administration along with Melissa Ritzer from Anza Investigations LLC.

Our ongoing efforts in providing Quality and Results for our client’s investigative needs is what makes this merger one that both Anza and Spectrum’s clients and associates will want to be a part of.

Merrilee will continue with Spectrum as a Consultant and Client Liaison. “It has been a long time searching for a company that shares my business ethics, ability for growth and value of client satisfaction. Tim Ramos is a consummate professional and our clients will be delighted to meet and work with him”. (Merrilee Riley)

Spectrum Investigative & Security Services, LLC’s Security component will come online soon with a wide range of security services to be offered, including Corporate threat assessments, workplace violence, business security consulting (active shooter programs and protocols) and other services critical to the current threat environment with today’s Business Security and Homeland Security needs.

Please note that all Anza Investigations clients will receive updated Insurance and contact information soon.  Merrilee can still be reached on her cell at 951-529-3333 or

We look forward to the continued privilege in assisting you with your investigative and security needs and thank you for your loyalty and friendship over the years which has enriched our relationship immensely.

Please press the following link to be forwarded to the Spectrum Investigative and Security Services LLC website.